Features & Benefits

RPGtoJ2EE technology employs both a transformation tool used during the transformation activities of Analysis and transformation and then the RPGtoJ2EE runtime framework. Transformation with RPGtoJ2EE provides the following benefits.

  • Automated conversion of RPG to Java (J2EE)
  • Reduces cost of hardware options
  • Ultimate flexibility in deployment choices
  • Automatic separation of application code into a modern 3-tier architecture
  • Substantially reduce time and cost compared to a redesign and rewrite effort.
  • Future application enhancements can be introduced more easily
  • Smoother transition path for AS/400 staff to Java.
  • The “Fit” of the application to the business is retained
  • Application functionality and familiarity to end users is retained
  • On-going development option vs. one-time conversion


  • Pluggable, layered approach
  • Analysis tool that defines the transformation scope and identifies any “non-automatable” issues
  • Data access (JDBC/JDO/EJB) to domain model (File/Format/Record)
  • Domain model to Program (RPG-style Java programming)
  • Program to Presentation (XML/XSLT)
  • Servlet/Job Threading Model



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