About us

eBI Synetics Group, Inc.
Based in beautiful Southern California is backed by years of experience in Electronic Business Integration, ERP, CRM, Software Development, and Networking.

Our mission is in our name, Synetics Group: To bring IT professionals together to form an alliance of professionals capable of handling any small or large-scale IT project. We are committed to helping our customers update their legacy systems to client/server environments, improve database performance, connect multiple databases on different platforms, and prepare legacy systems for Web enabling.

Our expertise in legacy system development means you don’t have to choose between your critical mainframe applications and e-Business ventures. Even if your key applications operate in incompatible formats and are scattered across different locations or even continents, we know how to get them talking to each other, integrate them and make your data accessible to customers via the Web.

Watching IBM midrange computers slip from the dominant position they occupied in the eighties to largely being perceived today as legacy hardware led eBI to recognize the need for “the next big technology step” in this market. Unlike previous efforts, this “step” should not abandon users previous expertise, but rather leverage it. This led to the unique formulation of the RPGtoJ2EE product, mixing the best of RPG style with the power and flexibility of Java and the J2EE architecture.



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